Kel Seliger Fights For

Our Values & Our Important Issues

Kel has always voted to balance the state budget
without raising taxes. He has cut state government
waste and spending.

On border security and illegal immigration issues, Kel supported the Voter Photo ID law and voted to require proof of citizenship to get a Texas Drivers License.

When the federal government overreaches, Kel is there.
He opposes the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard being listed
on the federal government’s Endangered Species List.
He opposed the Obama administration’s overreach on
Obamacare and the Keystone XL Pipeline, while supporting a Federal Balanced Budget Amendment resolution.

Kel is a leader on groundwater policy. He has also worked hard to ensure there is water for future generations.

Kel passed legislation to strengthen and protect rural
electric co-ops. He also passed legislation to preserve
our rural County Hospital Districts to ensure access
to quality health care.

Kel also understands how local government affects our lives. As mayor and city commissioner in Amarillo, Kel cut the city tax rate by a third, reduced crime, and increased employment by 18,000 new jobs.