Higher education and community colleges

Higher education and community colleges

Kel Lead the Fight for Affordable & Accountable Colleges!

Kel and Nancy have put two boys through college. They know first-hand the rapidly rising costs associated with higher education and the burden placed on Texas families.

That’s why Kel, as Chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, took steps toward making higher education costs more predictable and affordable. General academic institutions are now required to offer undergraduates a 4-year, fixed-tuition price plan. This option would keep the cost of tuition constant during the four academic years following the student’s initial enrollment.

Legislators also changed funding formulas for community colleges designed to improve student success. Community college funding partially will be based on:

  • Students’ successful completion of developmental education courses in math, reading, or writing;
  • Students’ successful completion of certain college-level courses and semester credit hours;
  • Students’ transferring to a general academic institution or earning an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or certificate from the community college.

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