AGN ENDORSEMENT: Kel Seliger the region’s best best for Texas Senate

AGN ENDORSEMENT: Kel Seliger the region’s best best for Texas Senate

In the span of about a decade, Kel Seliger, the former mayor of Amarillo, has become a respected and effective leader at the state level.

Seliger, who became state senator for District 31 in 2004, has focused on issues of vital importance to voters in his wide and ranging district — from water to education to transportation.

And Seliger has made a significant and positive impact, which is why voters should support Seliger for another stint in Austin.

As chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, Seliger was instrumental in reducing the burdensome number of state testing procedures in public schools from 15 to five.

Seliger also helped push a constitutional amendment — approved by voters — that addresses the future of water in the state by creating the State Water Implementation Fund.

On more than one occasion, Seliger has reminded the state not to forget rural Texas when it comes to transportation funding — and he has done so with his vote. Last year, Seliger was one of eight senators appointed to the Senate Select Committee on Transportation Funding.

Senate District 31 is a sprawling district, which includes larger locales such as Amarillo and the Permian Basin.

Seliger, though, has proven adept at meeting the needs of the entire district, and few could make the case otherwise.

“I think that the whole point of doing this is to try make a difference in areas that really matter, and I think that I have done that,” Seliger said. “I think I understand how you do it, working with other people and focusing on issues that really matter.

“My default is always toward local solutions to problems and local control, which I think works particularly well. In areas that I concentrate most on, like public education and water, which are tremendously important things in this district, I think I have done some things that matter and done them with the people that are most affected by them.”

Amarillo Globe-News

February 15, 2014 – 7:15pm

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